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"I help people awakening to the miracle they were intended to be"

Hey, I am Erica! 

Hey, I am Erica!

It's my honor to be your guide to creating a new life of joy, love, and prosperity.

More than a decade ago, I decided to contribute to creating a better world. So I went to study, research and experiment with all possible ways to help people being happy and finding freedom from their stories and beliefs. I made sure to be equipped with all the tools and techniques from coaching, NLP, positive psychology, hypnosis, HeartMath, energy healing, spiritual practices and meditation to be sure to make it "right" and to be a qualified helper.

But, lots of hours of coaching and readings and deep work on my self later, I found out that none of the above defined what I ultimately do. 

Along the process, I've realised that most of the power of my coaching comes from having unlearned as much as I've learned.

My secret sauce goes beyond qualifications and techniques. It comes from my life’s experiences and the gained capacity to reinvent myself anew, each time, in the grandest and unique version of who I am.

Ever since I've started a journey "home", I did the inner work on myself and the outer work in the world to authentically choose, at any given moment, a whole new possible reality for myself. To choose WHO I want to be and HOW I want to play the game of my life, each and every day, no matter the outer circumstances. I've learned to access that space within all of us where inner wisdom and peace are always available.

Our true nature is perfect and whole as we are, even though we will continually forget that. We already know deep inside all that we need to know. My job is to remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. I will point to where your truth is, inside yourself to uncover the diamond within, the essence of who you are.  And when we create from a state of well being, joy and openness, it’s remarkable how much we can actually get done with easiness and flow. 

I am now privileged to accompany you in this journey home, to the joyful awareness that I experience to be our true nature.



Through the coaching relationship, you will become aware of what you really want and what is currently holding you back from the life you desire. Together we’ll set compelling goals, develop a successful strategy, find ways to overcome challenges and develop more resourceful ways of thinking in order to make a lasting change and get the life you desire.


Transform the story of your life by learning how to take control of your subconscious mind and consciously decide your response to whatever happens to you. Learn how you can CHOOSE and DECIDE what and how you think, where to focus your mind on and what kind of words to use to shape your life script. 


Whereas the brain has undisputedly unlimited power, there is another organ that communicates to the brain in a miraculous way: the heart. With HeartMath techniques I will show you how to integrate resilience skills into your daily life to become better at handling the day-to-day challenges and stressors that often leave us depleted.

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