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"The moment one definitely commits oneself then Providence moves to. All sort of things occurs to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

I define coaching as a partnership between the coach and the coachee, where inner growth and holistic awareness are stimulated via communication, empathy and specific techniques aiming to achieve lasting results. Coaching is about supporting individuals to gain clarity and realise the potential within themselves.

I will be walking alongside on the journey that you are taking, helping to create manageable actions to move towards your overall goal and desire. As a coach I will consider your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects so that true insights arise and lasting growth can take place.

Through the coaching relationship, you will be able to:


  • Discover what you truly want based on your real needs and values

  • Fully align yourself with what you want to achieve

  • Elicit self-generated solutions and strategies

  • Boost your confidence

  • Take full ownership of your life and choices

  • Achieve great personal satisfaction

  • Unlock your real potential

  • Increase effectiveness in your life

  • Stay committed and motivated to your goals

  • Transform your life the way you dream it to be 

Here is how it works: 

1-on-1 coaching is the most intimate way to profoundly transform your life and create real human impact.

Group Coaching is a great and fun way to maximize your development through the support and experience of your peer group. Check out the ReLOVution 90 days coaching program. 

Transformative Intensives Coaching is for those who want to fast track their evolvement in a highly personalised way. 

Our coaching relationship will be uniquely tailored around you and is done over the phone or via Skype/Zoom or face to face when possible. 

If you are READY and willing to take the necessary steps, LET’S TALK.

Get in touch to experience a powerful coaching conversation. 



Through the coaching relationship, you will become aware of what you really want and what is currently holding you back from the life you desire. Together we’ll set compelling goals, develop a successful strategy, find ways to overcome challenges and develop more resourceful ways of thinking in order to make a lasting change and get the life you desire.


Transform the story of your life by learning how to take control of your subconscious mind and consciously decide your response to whatever happens to you. Learn how you can CHOOSE and DECIDE what and how you think, where to focus your mind on and what kind of words to use to shape your life script. 


Whereas the brain has undisputedly unlimited power, there is another organ that communicates to the brain in a miraculous way: the heart. With HeartMath techniques I will show you how to integrate resilience skills into your daily life to become better at handling the day-to-day challenges and stressors that often leave us depleted.

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