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and transform the story of your life

"Everything starts with a thought. Our thoughts have magic and power in them. They can create heaven and hell, freedom and limitation, harmony and sorrow,
love and fear."

"If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page."


– Mark Houlahan

When we realize that we can CHOOSE where to focus our mind on and what kind of words to use, then we can really become the authors of our lives. 

As a coach I pay absolute attention to your words because your language CREATES how you see your world, and how you see your world BECOMES your world. 


I am a massive fan of the power of communication in improving our lives, our relationships, working environment and to overcome conflicts.

The power of communication can be extraordinary. Of course, it also has the potentiality to destroy and hurt!

So, how can we become better at communicating our feelings, intentions and desires?

How can we start listening actively and observe that nasty voice in our head and then turn down the volume? And how can we actively choose our response to whatever is happening to us?

How can we change the way we perceive reality and the way we feel about things?
I can help you to understand your subconscious mind and consciously decide your response to whatever happens to you for example by using techniques such as Neurolinguistics Programming and relaxation techniques etc.

Through these techniques, you will be

able to:


  • Understand the power of language and your
    belief system

  • Find out what turns you on and off; what makes you to behave in certain ways and how to
    change it

  • Overcome conflict within yourself and with others

  • Become aware of how to manage your emotional state and choose how you feel despite the situation you find yourself in

  • Use the power of your thoughts to overcome any bad feelings or associations you have to situations, people, places and things


Get in touch to experience a powerful coaching conversation. 



Through the coaching relationship, you will become aware of what you really want and what is currently holding you back from the life you desire. Together we’ll set compelling goals, develop a successful strategy, find ways to overcome challenges and develop more resourceful ways of thinking in order to make a lasting change and get the life you desire.


Transform the story of your life by learning how to take control of your subconscious mind and consciously decide your response to whatever happens to you. Learn how you can CHOOSE and DECIDE what and how you think, where to focus your mind on and what kind of words to use to shape your life script. 


Whereas the brain has undisputedly unlimited power, there is another organ that communicates to the brain in a miraculous way: the heart. With HeartMath techniques I will show you how to integrate resilience skills into your daily life to become better at handling the day-to-day challenges and stressors that often leave us depleted.

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