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THANK YOU very much for your interest in taking part in this 90-days group coaching program, called ReLOVution.

Why ReLOVution? 

The choice of the title is based on two key concepts: the first is the principle that the only possible revolution is the one within, meaning that the world only works in one direction: from the INSIDE OUT. 

What we experience from the INSIDE gets projected into the world and we experience things as wonderful, or scary and so on. When we recognize that our thoughts about an event create our experience of the event, we have freed ourselves from the torturing chambers of our mind. We have found freedom from our beliefs. The freedom to choose, at any given moment, a whole new reality for ourselves. It takes a radical responsibility to fully owning your thoughts, words, and behaviors and it’s a moment by moment choice. 

The second principle is that LOVE is our home, and this program aims at taking you on a journey back home, to the joyful awareness that I believe is our true nature. To Love WHAT IS instead of WHAT SHOULD BE is an art that we can master for the rest of our lives. It’s about connecting to our inner wisdom where all the answers are and where peace reigns.

This is why it's called ReLOVution!

ReLOVution is for you if...

  • You are sick of feeling life is a tough game and not much fun to play. 

  • You are tired of constantly running to get things done, dragging yourself through the day feeling like a victim of your own life. 

  • You have spent so much time pleasing others that you have lost sight of your dreams, your desires, and your needs. 

  • Other people think that you have your life together, but deep down you often feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed.  

  • You sense you could be much more, but you don’t know how to change things. No matter how hard you try, things keep being the same.  

  • You are freaking tired of playing small. The greatness in you is unspoken. You lack the confidence, the time, the motivation, the courage or the knowledge to get started. Sometimes you feel invisible, unheard and misunderstood and like a spectator of your own life.

  •  You are easily triggered by people and situations around you and you find yourself in a tiring reaction mode. 

  • Often relationships have left you depleted and disillusioned instead of fulfilled and enriched. 

  • Along the way you have believed that being vulnerable is weak, so you do your best to look strong, to overachieve, to assert and to prove yourself. And while you do your best to be perfect and be liked, you are often in war with yourself. 

  • You are so much caught up in your thinking that you often lose touch with the present, being very pre-occupied with the future or ruminating the past.

  • You want to stop worrying. You had enough of a life of struggles, fears and anxieties but you don't know how. 

  • You want to start playing the game of life instead of being played by life.

What is possible for YOU by joining the ReLOVution

  • Learn how to lead your life from a place of enthusiasm, joy, humor and inner peace 

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and contribution

  • Gain a totally new understanding and insights on how our mind works 

  • Get massive clarity on what you truly want based on your real needs and values

  • Acquire natural confidence and stronger self-esteem

  • Develop self-generated solutions and strategies to create the life you envision for yourself

  • Access to your innate glow, a space where everything is possible

  • Find a new and more profound and fulfilling relationship with yourself and others

  • Be able to navigate through change with grace and resilience

  • Free yourself from your limiting beliefs

  • Worry less and have much more fun

  • Be able to CHOOSE at any given moment and under any given circumstances, a whole new perspective for yourself

  • Feeling more gratitude and grace in your life 

  • Thrive in any area of your life 

Join me and you will get...

  • Weekly video calls of 2 hours online, recorded and always available to you for a total of 12 video coaching calls. I usually exceed the 90 days due to travels and holidays. That means that you will have access to me (via our FB group and Q&A) for an extended period of time until our 12 calls are completed.

  • Educational content delivered by me to support your transformation with principles, examples, and explanations including videos, exercises, tools, and systems to support you on the way. These resources are always available to you.

  • You will have one private session 1-2-1 of powerful coaching with me to be used during the 90 days.

  • You will be part of a Facebook community where we can challenge each other, playfully working together and test new things. Plus, I will run a weekly Q&A “ask me anything” Facebook live answering all the questions you may have along the way. The more you experiment, the more questions you will have. By the end of the program, you will be moved into a dedicated Alumni Facebook group with your fellow participants so that you can keep the created momentum there.

  • The program is entirely online but when participants come from the same country/area, we may spontaneously create extra opportunities to meet offline.

  • A strong bond and friendship with other like-minded participants is the natural byproduct of this transformative experience. It never stops to amaze me the level of sharing, support and the endless opportunities that come when amazing people get together to architect the life they envision for themselves and to witness the change in each other. This co-created space of love, support and connection is absolutely my favorite part and honestly what I think the world needs the most


Who am I? 

Hey, I am Erica!

It's my honor to be your guide to creating a new life of joy, love, and prosperity.

More than a decade ago, I decided to contribute to creating a better world. So I went to study, research and experiment with all possible ways to help people being happy and finding freedom from their stories and beliefs. I made sure to be equipped with all the tools and techniques from coaching, NLP, positive psychology, hypnosis, HeartMath, energy healing, spiritual practices and meditation to be sure to make it "right" and to be a qualified helper.

But, lots of hours of coaching and readings and deep work on my self later, I found out that none of the above defined what I ultimately do. 

Along the process, I've realised that most of the power of my coaching comes from having unlearned as much as I've learned.

My secret sauce goes beyond qualifications and techniques. It comes from my life’s experiences and the gained capacity to reinvent myself anew, each time, in the grandest and unique version of who I am.

Ever since I've started a journey "home", I did the inner work on myself and the outer work in the world to authentically choose, at any given moment, a whole new possible reality for myself. To choose WHO I want to be and HOW I want to play the game of my life, each and every day, no matter the outer circumstances. I've learned to access that space within all of us where inner wisdom and peace are always available.

Our true nature is perfect and whole as we are, even though we will continually forget that. We already know deep inside all that we need to know. My job is to remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. I will point to where your truth is, inside yourself to uncover the diamond within, the essence of who you are.  And when we create from a state of well being, joy and openness, it’s remarkable how much we can actually get done with easiness and flow. 

I am now privileged to accompany you in this journey home, to the joyful awareness that I experience to be our true nature.

Your Commitment

Coaching is an investment. It's about spending your time, your energy, your money, your focus and your commitment with the intention of creating a future outcome.

Here is your investment for the overall 90 days experience:

- CHF 2’000 paid upfront


- CHF 2’500 with a payment plan

I want to guarantee you an intimate and profound experience. Therefore I keep the group size limited to max 7 people.

To follow your call demands courage. It requires you to be more than what you have been.

If you are ready to go deep, have fun and know yourself in a more meaningful way and to commit to the journey you want to take, let's connect at:

I look forward to having a conversation to see how I can best serve you!

With Love,

Let's connect ;-)

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