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& what they have to say about my work

"To touch the soul of another human being is walking in holy ground."

L.I. Project Manager


I’ve met Erica in a moment of an impasse in my life. While on the outside I had all I wanted, I was craving for some sort of change. Yet I didn’t know where to start. My resistance and fears towards change didn’t allow me to see things objectively kept me paralyzed.

By working with Erica, I’ve become more self-aware, to trust myself more, to dare to do things I didn’t imagine doing before, and I’ve pushed myself in new and challenging scenarios in a playful way. Erica has always believed in the best of my capabilities and helped me to relate to my “problems” in a light and non-judgmental way, so that I could grow beyond my limitations, fears, and stories.

Thanks to her I now feel empowered to create the life of my dreams and make what once seemed impossible, possible. 

I would recommend Erica to anyone wishing to change and to get back into the driving seat of their lives.

Oriana Sarman, Project Manager


From the moment I decided to work with Erica I was sure this was the right thing for me although I knew I was doing something totally out of my comfort zone. Through completing the group coaching with Erica I have a whole new level of self-awareness and understanding. I am still in awe for what I’ve learned, for the powerful and heartfelt conversations, the tools Erica has taught us and the immediate applications in our lives. I am still impressed with how “easily” we really transformed our lives. 

The special dynamics that we created as a group were just unbelievable. I felt we could really connect on a soul level. Erica’s ability to guide us, to "be" with us and feel us at the same time was very special. Now I feel I am much closer to people which helps me to be less judgmental and shift the perspective when things are not going the way I want them to. 

I certainly recommend working with Erica to those ready to leave their old ideas and preconceptions behind and to reinvent themselves and start anew!

Jenny G., Innovation Manager


In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how open I and others could be in a group coaching context. My concerns were unfounded as Erica had created such a safe place for each of us to freely and safely open up. 

Since I’ve joined Erica’s group coaching I feel much more in harmony with myself as well as understanding towards people and situations that used to upset me in the past. 

What I love about Erica is her fresh way of thinking. She would not stop at the surface of our stories. She makes us go deep, but always with kindness and love. 

I would recommend Erica’s coaching to those willing to invest time in their personal growth and are ready to question their thinking to change their lives for better.

Katerina Klezlova, Business Development Strategist, Fortuny Consulting


I am truly honored to have met Erica, getting the opportunity to start my coaching journey with her 4 years ago, a time when I was feeling “stuck” and not knowing my direction. Erica in my view goes beyond a regular coach. She guided me to find my true and best self, align my actions to my values and purpose, she motivated me and supported me on the path to reinvent myself, energizing me, empowering me, building my courage on every step of the journeys and always treating me with infinite kindness. I can proudly say, I would not be where I am at the moment without Erica’s support, both in my private and professional life. I can only recommend Erica as a coach for those looking for more than a transactional coach relationship and I am excited to continue my coaching sessions with her even today.

Ilaria Frattini, CEO & Founder Ongkara


Since the very beginning, my coaching with Erica has been profoundly intense.

To accelerate my business growth we have worked on a compelling vision, supported by a fit for purpose mindset and a solid strategy that, with her help, has made me reach objectives beyond what I thought was possible. 

Thanks to her ability and extraordinary empathy, Erica knows how to lead someone through their biggest challenges by leveraging their own resources.  

I highly recommend Erica to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level and has the courage to start with themselves.

Tessa Fletcher, Allen & Overy LLP

United Kingdom

The sessions that I had with Erica propelled me forward with my goals which has helped me to set more as I want to achieve various aspirations in life. As a procrastinator, Erica help me to identify what was really going on with my situation which gave me confidence and a new enthusiasm to achieve my goal. I am thankful to Erica for her style which evoked much thought and understanding of myself. Erica’s smooth questioning techniques on many occasions left me pleasantly surprised at the revelation that I recognised about myself. Her unique manor of fine-tuned listening really helped as she read between the lines of some of my comments. I really left motivated and I am pleased that my goals were achieved. Her support was invaluable. I have been coached before, but I recognised in Erica’s style something that made her standout from the others, I would certainly use Erica again.

Andrea Sartori, NLP Business Coach


Working with Erica has been a challenging and yet inspiring experience. Our sessions have helped me to better focus on who I really am and what I truly want. Thanks to her I’ve been able to rediscover forgotten feelings and obtain a new more comprehensive perspective of myself.

As a world traveling business man, I also much benefitted from the easy to use HeartMath techniques she introduced me to. I now regularly use them to build my resilience, maximizing my performance and effectively managing my energy.

As a coach, Erica can induce a transformational experience in a gentle way. Being a business coach myself, in fact I ‘m impressed by her ability to skillfully communicate, subtly building rapport, respecting the client’s pace and emotional involvement in the process, and the delicate but firm switching to the guide phase. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Giulia Urbinati, Content and Social Media Manager


My coaching time with Erica has been, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding and illuminating experience of my life.
What I’ve learned overall is to reconsider everything I thought I knew about myself and start to observe my entire reality from a whole new perspective.
As I was doing that, relationships got better and I was able to free myself from what used to make me sad or depressed, by giving to my experiences a whole new meaning.
Setting goals and actually achieving them was my favourite part: it really gave me the feeling that I’m in charge of my life and it’s up to me (only me) to make good things happen.
Erica has been a huge help during this process: she can really relate and connect to one’s soul and knows the tools which are necessary to get the job done.
The assignment about my values has been both very hard and revealing: knowing what moves me and why, helped me understand the meaning of several behaviors of mine and helped me change them for the better.
I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to live their life accordingly to their highest visions.
It’s been great for me.


Kampala, Uganda

I am so grateful to you for the time and effort that you spent so patiently in moving me forward achieving my goal. By working with you I’ve realized that I need not to be so serious about the journey to my goal; that I could actually relax and enjoy the process of completing my diploma in my own manner and pace. I have begun to have faith in my own abilities and skills and I know now that I don’t need to be perfect all the time, I can be myself. I love working with you thanks to your positivity and patience: you never rushed me or laughed at any of my gremlins, you just accepted me the way I was.

I would recommend you and your wonderful services to anybody, especially to those stuck in life and have poor self-esteem. Thank you again for walking by the side of my dream with kindness and positivity. 


L. Smith

The Netherlands

Erica is a conscientious and encouraging coach. She gives her clients the space to seek clarity with what they want to achieve and challenges them to identify what might be holding them back from making progress. She values every response that they offer and ensures that they leave each session inspired and excited to take the next steps that they've identified towards their goal. She's helped me make progress in a number of areas of my life and would recommend her to anyone else who would like to do the same.

Kirsten Grossmann-von Haugwitz, Business Development & Key Account Manager


Erica is the first Coach I have ever been to and I was surprised how helpful coaching can be with a professional caring person that is always supporting your ideas and feelings and helping you turning them into reality. I feel so much strengthened in life and I know I can reach what I want to reach. Erica is an outstanding person full of caring love and a big giver. It is an honor having her next to me as a Coach. Thanks a million!

Harriet Grachten, Yoga and MBRS trainer


Erica’s approach was very gentle and at the same time thorough and to the point, which was very helpful for me. She encouraged me to find ways to create solutions for my questions and she gave me some exercises, in which I had to think more profoundly on how I function and how I could change some (bad) habits. Erica helped me to believe more in my self and in the things I do and she created a way together with me how to realize this in a realistic way. We looked together on how I scheduled my time in a more efficient way, so that I could get back on track and move forward, instead of standing still.

For me the good thing about coaching is that I, as a client, play an active role and the responsibility is in my own hands. The hand that the coach gives me is a helping one, not a saving or therapeutic one. Erica in her role as a coach was perfect for me: she listens with full attention and awareness; she is very respectful, discrete, humble and caring. She approaches the subjects with passion and at the same time with seriousness. In short Erica has the perfect balance in the way she is working as coach. Therefore, whenever I have another challenge in my life, I will certainly contact Erica again. I will recommend her as a coach to anybody because she is a professional and I am sure that she will develop herself even more in this field.

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