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Italy 24-31August 2019


Go beyond who you think you are

Go beyond your story

Go beyond what you think is possible for you

THE GO BEYOND retreat is for you if...

  • You want to stretch your body and mind beyond what you think is possible for you

  • You want to lead your life from a place of enthusiasm, joy and inner peace

  • You want to gain the ability to handle life with grace

  • You want to have great fun while bonding with awesome people

  • You allow yourself to be open to a new way of thinking and for transformative insights to occur

  • You want to live a life you truly love

  • You dare to be vulnerable in order to grow

  • You are ready for change but don’t know where to start

  • You are ready to awake to whom and what you really are


Does this sound like you?



Then keep scrolling…


We wanted a location that could provide us with the best possible experience for our week together, a place where anybody could feel at home and able to slow down to the pace of nature.

We wanted a place that could nurture our bodies with genuine local flavors with close access to nature, history, beaches and the finest art.

We wanted a place that could host us with warm and joyful care.

This is why Italy. This is why we have chosen “ITACA, la Casa del Ritorno"



  • An introductory coaching call one week before your arrival 

  • A tribe of like-minded people on an exclusive Facebook group

  • Seven nights lodging

  • Full board (deliciously Italian) with limitless snacks, teas and fruits 

  • Morning yoga, meditation and pranayama

  • Daily coaching workshops

  • One ayurveda and pranotherapy massage  

  • Access to the garden and swimming pool

  • Cooking class or wine-tasting experience  

  • On site support for any question or issue you may dwell on

  • Fun closing Party

  • An after-care coaching call one week after the retreat

  • And more surprises…

Doesn't include:

  • Your travel to and from the country house

  • Individual coaching session

  • Individual yoga session

  • Babysitting services

  • Your willingness to PLAY FULL OUT. Only you can turn it on!


THE GO BEYOND retreat is a holistic experience and it starts before we actually meet.




You will be part of an exclusive Facebook group where valuable content and useful information regarding the retreat will be shared. A week before the retreat in Italy starts we will have an online coaching call to make sure we will arrive to the retreat being on the same page and ready to create a strong bond with your fellow participants.

Our aim is to create a TRIBE where it is safe and fun to show up and share your biggest insights, your questions and get invaluable support not only from us but from the wisdom created by all your peers in the group. Nothing is mandatory here and you are really welcome to take this as an invitation to do it at your own pace. It has to be fun, light and purposeful to join, this is what we believe in. No worries if Facebook is not something you are familiar with as all important information will be shared via email too. 




We will rise in the morning greeting the sun with the most profound and wholehearted yoga practice you can wish for, combined with breathing exercises to really feel yourself and your body with a new level of awareness. Hence, you will be in the best place for meditating and opening yourself to notice all the wonders your mind will offer to you.


After such a glorious beginning and a super delicious breakfast/brunch, we will meet to listen to the so-called “insight fun-catalysts”.

You will be offered an empowering coaching workshop everyday. You will find yourself writing down notes or just enjoying the insights working for you and let your transformation begin. Every day you will discover how to lead your life from a place of enthusiasm, joy and inner peace. You will gain a totally new understanding of how our mind works and you will discover many ways how to create cool things in your life from a whole new perspective. After each workshop you will receive exercises to do if you wish to apply these insights in your life. There is no obligation for you to do any of these, it’s up to you to really benefit from the experience fully.


After such an insightful and busy morning you may want to run off to the closest town and indulge yourself in any fun activities you fancy doing. It’s your free time and we don’t want to interfere with that. Unless you will be doing something ridiculously fun, then we might come along!

You will have your afternoon to chill at the pool, eating gelato or learning how Italians gesticulate!


We will meet again for a succulent dinner when we can talk about the various insights of the day or simply enjoy the beautiful time we are sharing together. 



OMG the retreat is over and now?! We will have a closing coaching call online one week after our experience in Italy together. You will still be part of the FB group where you are anytime welcome to share your insights from the experience. There you can buddy up with your best mate and stay in touch with all of us and give as a shout when you want it. We will keep the bond as we are happy to see the transformation and success in all of you.


Apart from a long and deep friendship, Erica and Harriet share a common passion as relentless students, observers and lovers of life. Being each other's mirrors in their spiritual awakening, they are thrilled to be able to bring their contagious enthusiasm and joy for living life fully into The Go Beyond retreat: a combination of spiritual disciplines like yoga and meditation with powerful coaching.

The result is a transformative experience where mind and body collude.

Hey, I am Erica! Your transformative coach. I help people to wake up to whom and what they really are and I have the privilege to accompany them in their personal, spiritual and professional evolution. It’s an inside-out revolution that ultimately impacts performance, health, relationships and achievements.

While I am well equipped with all the amazing tools and techniques from Coaching, NLP, hypnosis, HeartMath, energy healing, meditation and the constant investment into growing as a professional coach and human being; none of the above defines who I am.

My secret sauce goes beyond qualifications and techniques. It comes with my life’s experiences and the gained capacity to reinvent myself anew, each time, in the golden moment of now, in the grandest and unique version of who I am. 

Want to know more? Check out my page:


Namaste, my name is Harriet and I am very excited to meet you on the mat as your yoga and meditation teacher.

Yoga became a fundamental part of my life 10 years ago when I’ve started my daily practice and teacher training in Hatha Yoga in Switzerland. The last decade of practise has been all about embracing a way of living that goes much further than doing asana on the mat.

Living ethically and mindfully, according to the yamas in the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, is often more difficult than the most challenging posture.

In the last years I’ve decided to integrate mindfulness and its techniques to my services as I’ve benefitted from them myself in the first place. Awareness is what I am offering to you: an invitation to listen and become aware of your body, your breathing, your feelings and thoughts. I will be more than happy to share my experiences, knowledge, joy for life, yoga & meditation with you!

Check out my website to get to know me better:

Itaca, La Casa del Ritorno, Italy


Itaca is the methaphor of the journey, the extraordinary journey of finding and returning to the space within oneself, to cultivate peace in our heart.


This is why we named our house “Itaca, La Casa del Ritorno”: an island where the traveler will always return to and carry in his heart during life’s adventures.

This is the house where we always long to be back, it’s the place we call home and the nestle where Hannes was raised.


Itaca, La casa del ritorno, is a travel journal, the lighthouse where any traveler can find home and haven, a place to restore and nourish the soul at the pace of nature.


The old farmhouse interiors are inspired by the travelers’ memories, cruising through different exotic destinations where each room is decorated with our unique impressions from the world.


On the outside the house is surrounded by the sweet Italian countryside with its rolling hills dotted with little ancient villages along the Adriatic coast.

It’s the perfect location to nurture your body with genuine local flavors with close access to nature, history, beaches and the finest art.


We are very honoured to be able to guest you in our home. May Itaca fill your souls the same way it lights us up anytime we return home.


ITACA is located in Sant'Ippolito countryside (in the province of Pesaro-Urbino), a small village 23 km from Fano and the Adriatic sea and 26 km from the artistic city of Urbino, in the region of Marche. 

The closest airports to our location are Ancona and Rimini airports both within one hour car distance or a bit further Bologna airport. We suggest our participants travelling from Switzerland to drive (6 hrs from Zurich) or to come by train as the connections are good and we can pick you up at the station of Fano. As there is so much to see in the area, you may want to consider renting a car and take the chance to explore  the region of Marche with its artistic history, a rich sea culture and its uncontaminated countryside dotted with ancient villages.  


There are countless tour itineraries from the country house, from the discovery of traditional wines and flavours in Marche, revealing genuine local products (wine, fish, truffles, cheese, extra virgin olive oil, etc.); to the majestic city of Urbino, the Roman sea-town of Fano and its vibrant street markets; to the romantic 'lungomare' of Senigallia; the breathtaking Frasassi Caves, the stunning hiking area of the Monte Conero overlooking the Adriatic sea, the white crystal clear beaches of the Two Sisters to the Medieval Castle of Gradara.

More to explore at:



Coaching and yoga are an investment.

It's about spending your time, your energy, your money, your focus and your commitment with the intention of creating a future outcome.

Here is your investment for the overall three-week experience:

We want to guarantee you an intimate and profound experience. Therefore we keep the group limited and allocate spaces on a first-come-first-served basis.


Cancellation Policy

Please let us know as soon as possible if something comes up and you cannot attend our retreat. We'll refund you the full amount if canceled more than 7 months before the start date of the retreat. If you cancel more than 60 days before the start date, we’ll refund 70%. If you cancel more than 30 days, we’ll refund 50%. We cannot refund anything should you cancel WITHIN 30 days of the start date, unless you find a replacement for the vacancy created by your cancellation.

We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance, including cancellation insurance, when you book the retreat.



Would you like to discover whether The GO BEYOND retreat is right for you?

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