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My studies and qualifications 

“Self growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There is no greater investment” – Stephen Covey

Erica is a certified Life and Performance Coach, Licenced NLP Master Practitioner and HeartMath coach who successfully supports her clients to live their lives to their full potential, finding their true north, overcoming challenges and effectively achieving their goals.

Born and raised in Italy where she graduated with a MA in Foreign Politics, she travelled and lived extensively abroad, from the Far East where she worked in the diplomatic service in China to the UK where she graduated from the London School of Journalism, strengthening her passion for communication.

Following several years of successful work for international organizations in Switzerland where she lives with her family, Erica has always been packed with the burning desire of serving people to achieve their highest visions.

Trained by the best authorities in the field of personal development worldwide, Erica has been engaged in the sector for the last decade. Her contagious enthusiasm and dedication to serve others made her turn her passion into a profession and she is now helping individuals willing to grow and committed to take action in order to transform their lives.

Erica works in English and Italian and she continuously strives to learn and progress in order to grow as a professional coach and human being.

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Through the coaching relationship, you will become aware of what you really want and what is currently holding you back from the life you desire. Together we’ll set compelling goals, develop a successful strategy, find ways to overcome challenges and develop more resourceful ways of thinking in order to make a lasting change and get the life you desire.


Transform the story of your life by learning how to take control of your subconscious mind and consciously decide your response to whatever happens to you. Learn how you can CHOOSE and DECIDE what and how you think, where to focus your mind on and what kind of words to use to shape your life script. 


Whereas the brain has undisputedly unlimited power, there is another organ that communicates to the brain in a miraculous way: the heart. With HeartMath techniques I will show you how to integrate resilience skills into your daily life to become better at handling the day-to-day challenges and stressors that often leave us depleted.

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