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My Journey

The legendary car I've learnt to drive with :-)

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In the past I’ve deliberately persecuted and killed each of my many, many dreams. All of them! I buried them in my heart and inside I mourned and cried. It was the only sensible thing at the time. And you know what? This was painful, cruel, inhuman. I could not help it, reality in its darkest, ferocious face called suddenly and I was not prepared. I had to leave a place of wonder, inspirations, rainbows, fairies, and creativity: I had to grow, be strong and so somehow I felt I had to do it. I could have blamed the world, but I killed my dreams myself; nobody else did.

And here comes the miracle. Listen carefully because I do have a secret: they do come back. Dreams do come back! Like phoenixes reborn from ashes, they come to inspire us again in new forms, new unexpected ways if we allow them to live once again. My dreams are free to live now. And my reality is meaningful and joyful and I LOVE IT.

This is why I care. Dreams are what we are made of. And you and I should all be reborn from the graveyard of fear, sadness and delusion where we buried our dreams and maybe our best self.

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn some important lessons quite early in my life; lessons that taught me how to make the best use of my own thoughts; how to focus on what was working while everything else was falling apart; how to rely exclusively on my own resources and determination to make my way and find a place in this world; how to never ever ever ever give up; how to cultivate compassion and gratitude from within and finally, the joy and honor to contribute.

My faith, determination and trust helped me to overcome obstacles and situations which seemed unbearable at the time. And when I looked back at that time when I was not even a teenager, I can now realize that I’ve always had a blurred dream in the back on my head which escaped the persecution, a “Why” bigger than anything else, bigger than my own fears, that always led my way through.

In this “Why” lies the hero’s journey we are asked to take. The journey of self-discovery, awareness and fulfillment: the life that is waiting for us to happen.

I am now thrilled and privileged to take you through this journey. With tender loving care I will accompany, motivate, challenge and sometimes push you to unveil what you really are and achieve the life you truly want, to become who you want to be and to act according to your own values and real potential.

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