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Did I mention I am Italian? Well, then you should expect that I am very very passionate about my family and friends. Another passion of mine is learning. I love the idea of being a relentless, curious beginner. As long as I am here, I want to learn everything about this wonderful life. Learning new things, new skills, visiting new places, discovering new things, new people, new mistakes, new adventures and new sides of myself I did not know and not necessary like! On top of that, I love sharing. I am a people person and really can't help it! I am also a quick hugger but I can control myself too and can look cool and distant if I really have to! I am addicted to my mom's food, ice cream, loosening up my thoughts at the seaside, listening to the wind on top of a mountain, being in a polygamous relationship with my books and watching Disney cartoons. Yes, I am one of those ridiculous and relentless child-like dreamers with a very hard to break smile :-D I have a wide variety of fears I travel along life's highway with. I respect all of my fears as they have advised me well so many times. But I hold the compass. I decide where to go, not them. Sometimes I let them speak, other times I shut them up. I handle them, they do not handle me. We dance together. Everyday I start the day singing what I've learnt at Thích Nhất Hạnh's zen monastery: "Everyday when I wake up, I feel happy", even on those days when I would smash the alarm clock to the wall. I currently live in Zurich in beautiful Switzerland, nestled by a stunning nature which I truly treasure. I am not perfect at anything I do and I am totally fine with that. “Perfectionism is the murderer of all good things”, as they say. I'd rather do what I can and enjoy the process than never get started. I find asking questions much more interesting and eye-opening than providing answers and therefore projecting my autobiography on others.

I hold a BA and a MA in Foreign Politics and International System which contributed greatly to make me the "citizen of the world" I consider to be today.

Having worked as Project Manager for years in Switzerland has been hugely beneficial in sharpening some very vital entrepreneurship skills I needed later on.

Quitting my secure job to become self-employed has been scary, exciting and liberating. By no means do I pretend to rescue, help or save anybody. I only want to do WHAT I LOVE because it BRINGS ME JOY. Somebody said that "all love eventually becomes help". Apart from food, and a few other things, I tend not to take things very seriously. So do not expect seriousness or boredom from me please.

Being a mother has been by far the most rewarding and exciting journey of my life. Every night before I go to bed I remind my self of how lucky, blessed and grateful I am for being alive, in this wonderful present moment.

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